With the beauty of the North Carolina Coast as an amazing background, is it any wonder that sports…especially outdoor ones… are a way of life for many in Swansboro? You just have to take your pick…or two…or three…or four…or five…or, well, you get the picture.

And Swansboro isn't just known for water sports, either. Although swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, and waterskiing are popular, Swansboro is also known for its soccer passion, and community members have worked hard to develop a soccer complex where sanctioned tournaments are held throughout the year. Swansboro sponsors baseball tournaments as well. And, for those who like to swing a racquet (rather than a bat,) Swansboro also has the newly renovated Ole Porte Racquet Club.

If you're planning to visit Swansboro for an upcoming tournament, the Hampton Inn and Suites of Swansboro is centrally located for overnight stays. The Church Street Irish Pub & Inn is also an excellent choice in the historic district in addition to AirBnb and V.R.B.O.